Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trail Point 7 - GRANT HOSPITAL

Hospital was founded in 1883 in a residence at what is now 2225 Lincoln Avenue, and was able to accommodate thirteen patients. Originally named the German Hospital, it is a voluntary, non-profit institution chartered as "a refuge in case of sickness or accident for all persons, without distinction of belief or religious convictions, where the worthy poor shall receive medical service free or at such costs as are suitable to their situation, and the well-to-do at such rates as the board of directors may specify from time to time."

Its principles and ideals have remained the same throughout the years. Its name was changed to the Grant Hospital of 
Chicago in 1918, and its capacity has grown to 327 beds and 30 bassinets.

Grant's medical reputation is the very highest. 
It was the first hospital in Chicago to a medical audit which has been widely copied throughout the country. The Progressive Patient Care Program, a1se the first in the Chicago area, has been in effect since 1959.  It was the first hospital in Chicago to open a school for Medical Record Librarians. It has one of the 290 fully accredited diploma schools of nursing in the country. 

They have an approved course for the training of X~ray technicians and medical technologists. The Out Patient Department has an outstanding reputation throughout the city. Over thirty specialized clinics are held each week, covering every phase of medicine.

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